New Direction for Rail Intermodal




AIM is the premier company creating an autonomous rail intermodal system that will provide the greenest mode of freight transportation at every step for the movement of containers and trailers. Founder, Jim Wilson has 46 years of railroad experience in operations planning and execution, terminal operations, technology design, and rolling stock development. 

The vision for Autonomous Intermodal, LLC is to develop the rail intermodal logistics system of the future.  AIM is focused on:

The next generation of rail intermodal equipment and technology for railroads and their customers has to deliver the following:

AIM will take advantage of rail intermodal being 3 to 4 times more fuel efficient, and having up to 75% less greenhouse emissions than trucks. AIM products will also reduce emissions at terminal facilities and first/last mile movements in urban and suburban areas. AIM is looking beyond fossil fuels for our equipment energy sources, electric-battery-hydrogen-solar.

AIM has three product lines designed to lead the New Direction for Rail Intermodal:

RAILS:  Rail Autonomous Intermodal Logistics System-for the next generation of rail intermodal equipment

ROADS:  Rail-Road Autonomous Drayage System-for the next generation of yard/drayage tractors and new chassis

IRIS:  Intelligent Rail Intermodal System-the next generation system for autonomous operations, AI, and API +

Autonomous Intermodal, LLC is a member of the Intermodal Association of North America.